History Book – Pawky John by Brian J Menzies

A HISTORY BOOK ABOUT LIFE IN BRISBANE AND QUEENSLAND 1862 – 1881. The life and times of a colonial publican. Tales of larceny, murder and hard drinking.


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History Book – Pawky John by Brian J Menzies


Softcover History Book 240 pages —

Pawky John : The Life and Times of a Colonial Publican by Brian J Menzies 2019

This meticulously researched, real-life account begins with a perilous journey in a migrant ship and traces the life and career of John Menzies, a Scottish mill-worker who became a publican in Brisbane, Australia between 1862 and 1881.

There are tales of larceny, murder and hard drinking; nights of celebrations and sporting victories; the travels of a Prince on a Vice-Royal visit; the scandal and politics of the town council; and the battle of rules between Australian football and Rugby.

Surprising stories and images reveal the music, food, inventions, costume and mood of the times. With the writing style retaining the flavour of the era, the author provides a fascinating insight into life in mid-nineteenth century Queensland.


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